Sunday, 14 April 2013

Create your own! DIY Infused Calendula Oil - Very easy to make!

Calendula Oil in progress
DIY Calendula Oil

Here is what you'll need:
  • Dried calendula flower petals
  • A carrier oil (I’ve used Safflower oil, but Olive oil or Sunflower oil will work just as well)
  • A glass jar with lid. Make sure to clean it first

Here is how to do it:

·         All I’ve done is to fill the jar about 2/3 full with the dried petals.

·         Next, I slowly poured the oil over the petals, making sure they’re all submerged

·         Now I have to wait 4 weeks.

·         All I've done is store the jar in a warm dry spot for the infusion to occur. Before you know it, you’ll have your very own homemade infused Calendula oil, too.

·         Once the 4 weeks are up, strain the flowers out and there you have it... Your very own homemade Calendula oil.
Calendula oil is great to use after a bath or shower. It makes your skin feel very soft! I also use it in my lip balms, gardener salves and other bath products. Feel free to get creative!
Have fun, and Happy Spring everyone!

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